The following is a sampling of prototypes and explorations in augmented reality.

Project: Augmented Reality Hospital Band


2017 Personal Project

Tools Sketch, Video Capture, After Effects, Principle

I found myself recovering from appendix surgery, I had just woke up and I felt like I didn't have the full picture of what had been done to me, how I was doing, what was next.

I stared at the whiteboard, trying to decipher the scribble marks from what I assumed were a nurse or doctor, I stared at the machines hooked up next to me, and the bracelet around my arm.

I really wanted that bracelet that had a barcode, my name, etc on it to tell me more.

So I worked through some exploration of augmented reality in my hospital room, specifically focused on augmenting the medical bracelet displaying my info.

There's so much more I would like to explore with the full view of the patient card, animations, data and interactive points, but here’s my first crack at a prototype.

Project: Augmented Reality Mailer

LifeChurch would send out tens of thousands of printed mailers for various big events. What if we could make those magical and increase adoption of the app?

2017 LifeChurch

Tools Sketch, InVision, After Effects, Zeplin, Principle

Video 1: Prototype: Sketch for UI, animations in After Effects, Principle to bring it all together.

Video 2: Here we are presenting what we made for Ship It Week.

Video 3: Dohyeon demonstrating the working experience in ARKit.


We spent one of our Ship It Week's working through this idea and brought it to life.

This was an attempt to:

→ increase adoption of the Attender app

→ bring those mailers to life

→ help spread the word about these events as church goers would share the experience with their neighbors, friends, family

→ explore AR in LC apps


My role: Ideation, Design, Prototypes with Sketch, After Effects, Principle app

Dohyeon (LC Engineer): Development using AR Kit

Project: Augmented Reality Kids Activity Book

How could we augment kids activity books?

2017 LifeChurch

Tools Sketch, Video Capture, After Effects, Principle