Clint is a Product Designer

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Product Design at Headway, focused on building digital products for people...



2021 » Ditto • Branding, Web Design, Marketing, Product Design

Relationships take effort. Ditto helps you grow closer together, so you can get back to "us" again.



2020 » Becoming Minimalist • Product Design

A plan to declutter your life, right in your pocket. Available now for iOS & Android.

Case Study : Clutterfree


Prototypes + Feedback Loops.

Discover how to apply prototypes in the real world, go beyond Figma designs into customer feedback cycles, and ways to test your assumptions about your product.


Wireframes in Whimsical.

This is from a recent livestream for Wisconsin UX Startup Week. I walk through how to rapidly test and map out the UX of your app idea in Whimsical.


Good People.

I believe that building great products is a team sport requiring healthy collaboration, persistent communication, and diversity in people and ideas.


Good Guides.

Mission first. Why before the what. Simple is better. Data has a seat at the table. Innovation happens where passion meets constraints. — a few axioms that guide me.


Good Design.

I am an advocate for proper user experience, structured design, and detailed execution with over a decade of experience in the fields of ux and ui design.


Clint is a Product Designer and Dad², living & working wherever the WiFi flows. ⌁ More


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